Faces of Europe

Faces of Europe is a cultural project selected by the Federal Foreign Office on the occasion of Germany’s presidency of the European Union Council, which began in Brussels in July 2020. Germany’s constructive role in the current coronavirus crisis should be used in the coming months to consolidate European ideals and values. To that end, Germany is making another significant contribution with this project.

Over a five-month period, the Düsseldorf initiator and photo artist Carsten Sander travelled through every European member state with a media-equipped motor home. This photo project portays one thousand people of different ethnicities and social backgrounds from all EU member states. Rich and poor, young and old, celebrities, athletes and politicians, chance encounters on the street — all on equal terms, side by side. Showing one’s face coincides here with showing one’s attitude. Sander looks for what connects and distinguishes by means of photos and statements that show the personal significance of Europe. This creates a post-national panorama of European horizons of experience and their common values.

We – Dropkick Pictures – together with True Illusions Films strongly believe that Sander’s Faces of Europe idea, motivation and vision matches with our philosophy. We are happy to be part of and support this ambitious and courageous project in many ways. We also created a documentary accompanying the artist’s journey through all countries of the European Union during those unique and difficult times Europe and the World are facing in 2020 / 2021.

Here, comparable to the image of the “Summer Fairy Tale 2006,” a European movement is set to be initiated. With his portraits, Sander shows people in the here and now. This way, he succeeds in showing the common denominator in people of different origins and social classes: They are citizens of Europe who stand up for peace, common values, and collective action. The vision of the project is that, based on these encounters, a passive civic center for the endangered European idea will be mobilized.

Germany and all countries of the European Union 2020-2022


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Englisch / Deutsch sowie weitere Sprachen der Länder der EU


Carsten Sander


Begleitung des umfassenden Fotokunstprojekt 'Faces of Europe'


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